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Section 302/311 Reporting

Section 302 Reporting
Collect critical information from regulated businesses storing extremely hazardous substances (EHS) above specific threshold planning quantifies as specified under Section 302 of EPCRA. Businesses can use easy look-ups to enter the information and meet compliance requirements. The module helps compliance authorities by validating whether a regulated business really has the right chemicals and quantities to submit a 302 notification. The reports also capture details about whether a regulated business is exempt from reporting due to changes in quantity.
Section 302 sites are targets for emergency planning. Planners and First Responders can access the details of the chemicals and quantities, chemical profiles, and first aid guides for effective planning or during an actual emergency response. The critical information can be used to maintain the site’s emergency response plan.
Administrators can track which businesses are ‘Subject to’ 302 Reporting and then utilize many of the built in searches available to identify non-compliant facilities, which may need to be inspected.
Section 311 Reporting
Streamline your inbox by having regulated businesses submit Tier I reports online. Comply with Section 311 of EPCRA quickly and effectively. Tier I reports can be used to later populate the annual Tier II report for greater accuracy and less data entry.
Planners and First Responders can access Tier I reports to quickly identify changes to a business’s chemical inventory since the last annual Tier II reporting. Planners can use the MSDS for each chemical to update any existing emergency plan.
Capabilities for online Section 302 and 311 Reporting are packaged together.
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