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Integrate greater accuracy in your billing records management through a fully integrated accounting system. Using the Billing module, businesses automatically generate invoices based on their chemical inventory submissions. IDSi customizes invoice and billing rules to properly generate invoices. Invoices are print ready for mailing or emailing. Administrators may effectively track payments received from facilities and gain complete visibility into a business’s accounts through features such as Account Summaries, Adjustments, and Refunds. Administrators can generate various types of reports for tracking pending payments, overpayments, or unallocated funds. Various value added features enable Administrators to ease the bill management process such as applying a single check to multiple business accounts. The Billing module is a comprehensive system for streamlining complex billing management, improving the accuracy and rate of receivables.

With Batch Billing
Advanced billing features enable Administrators to generate invoices in a batch process. In a single click, the system will generate print ready invoices for Administrator that choose to generate and mail invoices.
With Invoice Follow Ups
Advanced billing features enable Administrators to generate print ready Follow Up Letters to notify businesses about delinquent payments. The system will automatically generate based on the type of Follow Up requested such as 30, 60, or 90 day follow ups letters.
With Online Payment
Businesses and Administrators can save time through online payment processing. After an invoice statement is generated, Businesses may choose to make a payment online. IDSi can integrate the Billing module with a jurisdiction’s existing ePayment vendor to save processing time.
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