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City of Philadelphia achieves 100% online participation from chemical reporting sites in just under 3 years














  Case Study    
Tier II Reporting Procedures have been Reduced by 7 - 10 Months
A state’s environmental agency, which manages Tier II Reports for their entire state, suffered from a chronic inability to complete compliance reviews for the thousands of facilities that reported annually and respond to citizen requests in a timely manner. Identified problems included the cumbersome, manual, paper based process, complex business rules, and shortages in resources.
Old Process was Cumbersome for Businesses
  1. Large companies storing large chemical inventories usually submitted forms that were hundreds of pages long.
  2. Businesses outsourced filing to third party consultants.
  3. Forms sent to the state using the Tier 2 Submit disks received from facilities had import problems.
  4. Each year, companies would have to go through the same process
Manual Process was Daunting for Effective Compliance
  1. One full year of reports were not reviewed.
  2. Back year reports were stored in six rolling shelves.
  3. On average, it took the program team more than 6 months to complete inventory data entry and review.
  4. Inaccurate facilities counts, chemical counts, and report results.
  5. Information was shared to First Responders only after the review and data entry was complete,making the information more stale for First Responders.
  6. A single Citizen Right-to-Know and Freedom of Information Act request processing took one week.
Critical Data sharing to First Responders was Slow
  1. Data shared to first responders was at best 6 months old and at worst 18 months old.
  2. Data stored on disks or on paper were difficult to retrieve.
  3. Reports did not provide first aid or other chemical profile information, requiring Responders to consult several sources.
New Capabilities Boost Productivity
Up-to-Date Compliance, Rapid Response to Citizens
  1. On average, 7-10 months have been reduced for report review and data sharing.
  2. The user-friendly features significantly reduce data entry, which also reduces error.
  3. Administrators are up-to-date on compliance review.
  4. The online system reduced the administrative workload of 3 data entry personnel annually to focus on more value added activities like enforcement, education, and outreach.
  5. Approximately 500 double reporting or under reporting facilities were identified.
    "The TIER II MANAGER provides regu-lated industries with an easy-to-use data input method while consolidating chemical inventory processing, invoicing, compliance monitoring, facility notifica-tions and mapping capabilities into one computer application."
    -State Director of Technical and
    Regulatory Services Administration
  6. System imports from Tier 2 Submit for facilities still submitting by disk, increasing submission options while reducing time for importing data.
  7. Responding to Citizen Right-to-Know requests takes just an hour as opposed to one week.
Critical Data sharing to Counties
  1. All data is shared to metropolitan Counties.-Hundreds of hours are saved by compliance administrators at each local government.
  2. Access to updated chemical inventories is available online, along with updated Material Safety Data Sheets, Chemical Profiles and First Aid Profiles for first responders.
  3. Users have access to mapping of chemical sites,vulnerability assessments, vulnerability analysis.
  4. The system exports to CAMEO.
Technology Implementation
  1. The program leverages GIS technology from ESRI.
  2. Customization and Installation services are available.
  3. Support services include upgrades to Tier 2 Submit and Cameo.
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