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Incident Collaborator™
City of Philadelphia achieves 100% online participation from chemical reporting sites in just under 3 years



Cost Saving Benefits


A study has been conducted with existing TIER II MANAGER™ users to see how the solution is helping their agency cut unnecessary costs and increase agency productivity.

*Clients of the TIER II MANGER™ enjoy large participation rates with greater than 95% of businesses reporting online, saving thousands of hours of tedious data entry and filing of paper forms.
Total Savings up to $50,000 annually.

*Users run advanced reports on their hazmat database for planning and compliance purposes. They no longer have to waste time doing this research manually.
Total Savings up to $2,500 annually.

*Administrators can send out automatic notifications through the program instead of sending out hardcopy mailings. This reduces time, effot and postal costs for our clients.
Total Savings up to $5,000 annually.

*Responders use the tool to quickly and effectively plan for each site's Hazard Analysis and Emergency Response Plans.
Total Savings up to $3,000 annually.

*Facilities automatically generate online invoices based on system data, saving time and money on postal costs, resources, and reduced errors.
Total Savings up to $7,000 annually.

Final Annual Savings up to $67,500
*2009 Cost Savings Study Results from TIER II MANAGER™ users  
Click here for the pdf version
Saves Resource
Boosts Compliance
Supports Responders
Contributes to Homeland Security
Significantly improved Data Quality from first use (bad data cleaned – removing double counting and wrong info)
High business user adoption of the system from first year (67%–95%)
100-1000s of hours saved in processing and sharing data($$)
Centralized Extremely Hazardous Chemical reports help narrow most harmful chemical plants.
Better equipped to respond to Right-to-Know and Freedom of Information act (FOIA) requests from citizens.
Easier hazmat site tracking and compliance enforcement
Enables better emergency planning for each site and response support
Automated Invoicing/ can integrate with Online Billing
Streamlined Data Sharing between State and Counties
Rapid Notifications/ Flexible Reports
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