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Emergency Response Plan

The Online Emergency Response Plan (ERP) or Off-Site Response Plan is a critical guide for hazardous materials procedures and first responder contacts. To secure their communities and comply with Section 304 of EPCRA, Emergency Planners or LEPC members in each jurisdiction are maintaining emergency plans by collecting information from each regulated business every time there is a change and then creating/maintaining and distributing plans which are exercised in preparation for actual hazardous material incidents.
With the Online Emergency Plan module, you can significantly streamline and improve access to current Plans
Regulated businesses are prompted to submit planning information based on an easy-to-complete templates. Relevant facility and chemical information is already populated into the plan to reduce data entry. Administrators can configure and manage information such as Mass Care Centers which may change over time and are pre-populated into the ERP. Businesses can skip to various parts of the plan if they are just making changes.
Emergency Planners in each appropriate jurisdiction are informed about updates and can review and approve each plan. Responders can rapidly access the latest approved plans. Plans are print ready, with exhibits like the Site Plan.
The ERP provides an excellent process for Emergency Planners to collect information and define, maintain, and distribute Emergency Plans for each regulated site most effectively.
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