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Incident Collaborator™
ESRI is the world’s leading GIS software provider. IDSi International is an ESRI Business Partner Consultant, Developer, and Reseller. IDSi International partakes in several activities with ESRI including Beta Testing and product showcases. These relationships enable IDSi International to provide our clients with the latest solutions, technical expertise, and complete service.
MSDSOnline is the Internet's leading source for MSDS access, management and deployment of material safety data sheets. With more than 1.2 million indexed and searchable MSDSs in its online database, MSDSOnline offers a one-stop shop for all your MSDS compliance needs. Its products and services are designed to save time, lower costs, and reduce the risk and liability associated with meeting compliance standards set by various regulatory agencies like OSHA, EPA, DOT and the Joint Commission (JCAHO). The company's flagship product MSDSadvantage provides a unique blend of Web access and desktop software to enable its customers to quickly build, maintain and backup their specific MSDS libraries. IDSi International partnership with MSDSOnline provides savings on MSDSOnline services.
Southwest Homeland Solution
Southwest Homeland Solutions Inc. is a New Mexico based company built on the premise, and the promise to deliver quality, pertinent, and timely training, exercise coordination, and planning to meet the needs of their clients. Their experienced instructors are certified by the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, and the Environmental Protection Agency and are well versed and possess a caliber of expertise like no other in the fields of Incident Command, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and IED's, VBIED's, Suicide Bomber information, Threat and Risk Assessment, and expert consulting.
ICS Toolbox
ICS Toolbox provides ICS & Emergency Response Training and Consulting services and resources for the instruction of command and control exercises, course development and consultancy related to first responder and first receiver emergency services.
Informap Group
The Informap Group is a leader in the development of innovative geo-information technologies using 3D-modeling and navigation systems. Informap is a system integrator working throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Russia and CIS countries. The basis of “Informap” projects is their software “Informap Navigator” which can work with 3D objects of spacious territories providing a high quality of detail. Their technologies allow the creation of 3D-models of huge areas and the possibility to work with large amounts of data.
Arab Combined Shipping
Arab Combined was founded in 1976 by their Chairman Mr. Fahad Al-Otaibi, a prominent businessman of well known Al-Otaibi family in Kuwait. Arab Combined represents premier companies providing valuable services to the country.
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