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Resource Mgmt and NIMS Typing

IDSi International has deep skills in developing flexible, well-designed web-based and desktop GIS applications that require minimal training, yet provide robust functionality that can be integrated into the existing GIS and technical infrastructure and process. IDSi International's professional technical team is deeply experienced in:
Key Features of the Resource Mgmt and NIMS Typing System
  • Government, volunteer, or commercial organizations can manage their own resource accounts.
  • Capture detailed inventory information such as contact information, order procedures, contract documents, or equipment specifications,and more.
  • Store digital photos of equipment and personnel. Store videos of instructional materials on how to use certain equipment.
  • Inventory information is collected according to NIMS Typing standards of Category, Kind, Component, etc.
  • Administrators can create and maintain ‘NIMS Typed’ and ‘Non-Typed’ assets for emergencies.
  • Personnel can track their Skills and Training development, such as ICS certification.
  • Numerous ways to query the inventory database for equipment and personnel.
  • All assets can be tracked in real-time with readers such as RFID or GPS.
  • The home base of assets can be displayed on maps.
Features of Resource Mgmt and NIMS Typing system tie closely into a robust set of features in the Incident Management system for resource requesting, ordering, and tracking from the point of Check In to Demobilization.


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