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City of Philadelphia achieves 100% online participation from chemical reporting sites in just under 3 years



TIER II MANAGER™ Centralized Enterprise Edition

The TIER II MANAGER™ Centralized Enterprise Edition provides users
from different agencies
across different territories
to leverage a common powerful enterprise platform
utilizing common, real-time data
while managing independent workflows
TIER II MANAGER™ Centralized Enterprise Platform is made up of a TIER II MANAGER™ web-based application and a security/data access framework that provides users with information based on customized profiles and access to tools.
TIER II MANAGER™ Centralized Enterprise Platform is recommended where all users share a common baseline mandate.
Key benefits are Agencies leverage a common server infrastructure and license holders get access to all modules procured by any one agency.
  Are you part of a Regional Taskforce?
If recovery speed and intelligent decisions making is what counts for your team, then the TIER II MANAGER™ Centralized Enterprise provides you with a single, comprehensive solution to meet your needs. Only one county needs to implement the Standard Edition, all other counties or cities with a Centralized Enterprise license can utilize the enterprise platform. The scalable and flexible solution ties your teams together across vast territories and different agencies to see a ‘common operating picture.’
  Are you a SERC that seeks effective tools for SERC and LEPCs across your State?
Operating according to Standards is critical. A major problem with hazardous material response efforts is different standards between the SERC, LEPC, and Fire Departments.

With the TIER II MANAGER™ Centralized Enterprise Edition, users can work from a common system to get the information they need rapidly. The SERC and first responders will be on the same page, ready to make the important response choices.
  Was the Standard Edition already implemented by your State?
Then the stage is already set for you to get access to important planning and emergency response information for your Fire Department, Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) or Regional Hazmat Response teams.

With a Centralized Enterprise license, you just log into the system and benefit from current hazmat information and tools to help you make better decisions for planning or response.

No installation, no infrastructure, and reduced cost make the Centralized Enterprise edition a great option for better information management of critical hazmat data.
  * Exceptions exist for Billing and MSDS Online modules, where other services are needed
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