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City of Philadelphia achieves 100% online participation from chemical reporting sites in just under 3 years



TIER II MANAGER™ Distributed Enterprise Edition

The TIER II MANAGER™ Distributed Enterprise Edition provides users

  • from different agencies
  • across different territories
  • to synch information from a common database and
  • manage planning and operations
TIER II MANAGER™ Distribution Platform is made up of a TIER II MANAGER™ web-based application and scalable distribution application that provides users with the capability to synch facility, chemical, and attachment information from the central database, populate their own TIER II MANAGER™ application database, and utilize features for Emergency Planners and First Responders.
The Distributed Enterprise Edition is recommended when the agency implementing the Standard Edition has different mandates than the other agencies. In this case, it is beneficial to be able to synch the data from the submission database to your own database, which may be equipped with other modules such as the Billing, GIS, or Emergency Response Plans, which help you meet your mandate and provide first responders with valuable tools and information.
TIER II MANAGER™ Key Features for Hazmat Planners and Emergency Responders
  1. Facility and chemical searches.
  2. Real time access to submitted chemical inventories.
  3. Access to MSDS and Site Plan attachments.
  4. Access to Planning information submitted by business.
  5. Access to chemical profiles and first aid guides.
  6. Access to CAMEO® Online.
  7. Store and retrieve hazards analysis information.
  8. Access to resource library.
TIER II MANAGER™ Key Features for Distribution Platform
Automatic Synching
Synching can be done automatically according to a pre-defined schedule, reducing a task for your system administrator. Synching can also be done manually.
Detailed Logs
When synching information, it is critical to track every transfer to ensure that the transaction has completed successfully. The Distributed Enterprise application includes various detailed logs that equip system administrators with the audit trail.
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