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City of Philadelphia achieves 100% online participation from chemical reporting sites in just under 3 years



TIER II MANAGER™ Standard Edition

TIER II MANAGER™ Key Features for Compliance Administrators
  • Review of online submissions.
  • Compliance tracking of missing or incorrect submissions.
  • Print ready compliance letter generation.
  • Various bulk notification templates.
  • Manage status for each business.
  • Manage attachments such as Site Plan.
  • Manage user accounts.
  • Manage revision requests.
  • Import from Tier 2 Submit application.
  • Publish help and resource content.
TIER II MANAGER™ Key Features for Hazmat Planners and Emergency Responders
  1. Facility and chemical searches.
  2. Real time access to submitted chemical inventories.
  3. Access to MSDS and Site Plan attachments.
  4. Access to Planning information submitted by business.
  5. Access to chemical profiles and first aid guides.
  6. Access to CAMEO® Online.
  7. Store and retrieve hazards analysis information.
  8. Access to resource library.
TIER II MANAGER™ Key Features for Regulated Businesses
  1. Register for secure online user accounts.
  2. Manage Tier II reports online.
  3. Submit planning information such as Site Plan and Emergency Response Plan.
  4. Conduct revisions.
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