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Incident Collaborator™
City of Philadelphia achieves 100% online participation from chemical reporting sites in just under 3 years



Version 5 Released

TIER II MANAGER™ Version 5 Released
Built on the Latest Technology Platform to help Businesses and Government Agencies collaborate to assess Hazardous Chemical Risks and work to prevent or effectively respond to accidents.
  Benefits of TIER II MANAGER™
Product Details
  • Improved processes for One Stop Submission with immediate notification to all stakeholders.
  • Packed with the latest EPA Regulatory Changes.
  • Expanded for faster Reporting across a broader number of compliance programs increasing Business compliance and Government efficiency.
  • New Spills Reporting workflows for one stop view of Spill Notifications, Incident tracking, and Problem sites.
  • Improved Mapping and Geo-locating features to pinpoint Facility and Chemical Storage Locations.
  • Faster performing Chemical Risk dashboards for First Responders.
  • Extended capabilities for Emergency Planners to conduct Hazards Analysis.
  • DHS Chemical of Interest (CoI) identification.
  • Highly Reliable to deliver High Performance during Peak Loads.
  • Built to work with ESRI ArcGIS Server technology and Google map services.
  • New features for streamlined Username and Password retrieval
  • Easier for Program Administrators and Businesses to quickly identify changes in reports
  • Faster Advanced Reporting features
  • Faster to implement with more advanced features for installation and maintenance.
  .... and so much more.  
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