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Total Governance™

Helps you transform your office from a paper-based office to a digital office.
It is easy to implement, use, and maintain. Get up and running quickly and experience quick adoption rates from your users.
TG Puts you in Control!
Easy-to-use screens make it fast to start using. If you have used Word or Excel, you can use TG.
You configure features the way you need it and make changes yourself.
Training/ Online Help provides you with reference look ups and knowledge on how to use TG.
Local Help Desk to answer questions and solve issues immediately.
Onsite Support to help you successfully launch your program with all users.

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As Users, you can
  • Process work end-to-end using one system.
  • Use convenient checklists for each step as a reminder.
  • Access the latest files, even if you have done lots of revisions.
  • Save time by knowing the exact status of files.
  • Answer customer and supervisor questions faster with quick look-ups.
  • Send documents to external partners using a single process.
  • Run reports that help you manage your workload.
  • Manage draft versions of a document and see the history.
  • Identify problems and help to resolve them proactively.
  • Work online or offline.
  • Chat online with your colleagues to get answers no matter where they are seated physically.
As Admins, you can
  • Create your org chart and manage user rights.
  • Configure your org workflows with ease.
  • Configure checklists and change them if there are new requirements.
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Is your work mainly done using manual paper-based systems? Does it feel tedious and prone to errors?
Manual paper-based systems are known to
  • Lack transparency.
  • Provide limited accountability.
  • Make it slow to retrieve information.
  • Have chances of getting lost.
  • Make it difficult to track or monitor the status of file processing.
  • Have possibilities for content tampering.
  • Make it harder to answer customer questions.
  • Make it difficult to know the file status quickly.
  • Create a dependency on the file custodian for answers.
You can transform your work into something more enjoyable with TG Digital Office.
Customer Service Staff can help customers faster and more accurately.
Operations Staff can see their workload, performance, and solve issues proactively.
Managers can track expected completion times and balance workload based on expected changes like seasonal load.
Management gains better understanding about organization's performance.
Works for Companies and Governments.
Total Governance comes
in two flavors
Electronic Document Management.
Store, search, and reference scanned or attached documents in various formats.
  Enterprise Search
Search across the system for documents or content.
Configure your Workflow
You decide how many steps, users, file types, and actions can be taken at each step
  Chat/ Messaging
Communicate despite distance using chat/messaging to answer questions and get work done.
Manage User Privileges (Approve, Reject, Review)
Set up which types of actions each user at each step can perform.
  Performance Reports
See who, what, when, and where with easy-to-use charts and reports.
Configure Checklists
Never forget a step again. Change them with new processes.
  Library Resources Linking
Automatically link library references like Government Orders, Policies, or Legal References to documents.
Work Online or Offline
Stay productive whether you have internet connection or not. When you connect, synch your work so that all users can see your work.
  Archive Engine
Put files/documents into storage once you hit the disposal date or surpass the retention time period.
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